Sunday, 22 May 2016

New Router Lift

Several years ago myself and my Brother Chris made two router tables complete with drawers and cupboard.
Chris upgrades his to include a Router lift as his gets used a lot and it certainly makes life easier.
Well I decided it was time to upgrade mine so I bought myself a Router lift from Axminster Tools and Chris and I went about the job of fitting it..
You would think a Router lift from Axminster tools would accommodate an Axminster Tools router I have four Routers and the only one that would fit was a 1/4" Router but the other three are 1/2" and that is what I wanted so it meant we had to alter the baseplate.
The baseplate has holes to fit a multitude of Routers and had so many holes we had a job to create four more to hold the Router of choice.
We managed with a bit of trial and error to create four more holes and mount the Router as you can see.
What should have been a quick simple job turned into a lot of work by the time we had cut out and routed the table top.
It was well worth the effort because before this it was very difficult to accurately adjust the cutter height.

Here are a few pics to show the end result
All fitted and ready for work.
As you can see there is a cupboard on the right and a drawer below and four on the right.
On the back above the table is the adjustable fence
At the rear is the outlet to take a dust extractor.

Bottom drawer full of odds and sods.
 Cupboard on left hand side holds two  Routers
 Bottom drawer on right bits and bobs
 Second drawer on right hand side mostly 1/4" cutters plug cutters and chamfer bits
 Third drawer 1/2" cutters and collets
 Top drawer sole plates ETC

These are the three Routers that are not fitted in the table

 A set of 1/2" cutters
 Set of Panel raising cutters
 Trend dovetail jig I also have the plate to go with this for Box joint cutters


  1. That looks like it might be a very worthwhile day's work, George. I had a similar issue recently, trying to fit a Trend router to a Trend router table, but none of the fixing holes lined up....that's just plain daft!

  2. We had the same problem Les and there was so many holes we had a struggle finding space for new ones we would have been better with a plain base giving us the option of fitting a router by creating new holes a lot easier. We got there in the end and it makes a big differencemuch easier to use but not cheap at nearly £300 00 ,