Monday, 23 May 2016

Alasdair todays Student

Today Alistair was my student,the day was a present from his Wife Liz.
Apparently Alistair had always had an interest in woodwork and had done a bit of turning at school .
We had a very enjoyable day and I must say he is a natural which made for an easy day for me. I know Alistair will be taking up turning because he bought a second hand lathe from me and a set of Crown tools.
Alistair will be joining our Burnham on Sea woodturning club so I will see how his work progresses

A very nice Sycamore bowl well done Alasdair


  1. Hello George

    I would like to thank you for the wood turning tuition today. It was the first time in 44 years that I have stood in front of a lathe and I had a thoroughly marvellous time. Your guidance and help were brilliant and the bowl that resulted exceeded my expectations, Liz finds it hard to believe that I had any hand in its manufacture!

    I'm really looking forward to practicing what you taught me today and I'm sure that we will be meeting again once I have perfected these basic skills for you to teach me some of the more sophisticated techniques that you showed me on your own work.

    Once again, thank you for an educational and extremely enjoyable day and thank you to Sue rot the lovely lunch.


  2. It was a pleasure having you here mate I really enjoyed today and I am sure you will make a very good turner