Thursday, 5 February 2015

Why a Bowl

Hi all.

Recently somebody asked me why is it that most of your novice turners always seem to make a bowl.
Well there are a number of good reasons why as an introduction to woodturning I consider the the best introduction is to make and take away a  Bowl.
Making a bowl in my opinion covers a great deal of the disciplines needed to go away with and practice with a good knowledge of safety,tools to use and tools not to use.How to present the tools to the wood to get the most efficient cut and also very important how to sharpen tools.
I once asked another woodturner who also teaches what he teaches on an introduction to woodturning day and his reply shocked me.He said the day consists of spindle turning and at the end of the day the student takes  away  a Garden dibber.
Now I cannot imagine a more fruitless way of spending a day learning how to use a Spindle roughing gouge ,Spindle gouge, parting tool and possibly a Skew chissel to take away a Garden dibber worth about six pounds.
My students always go away with a well made Bowl made by themselves worth about fifty to sixty pounds that is what I call value for money.


  1. I think you are absolutely right George. I remember my first bowl and how proud I was taking it home at the end of a very rewarding day and how confident I felt in securing the wood and proper use of tools for my next project when I was in my own workshop

  2. Thank you for your comment I wish I knew who you were.Maybe you were one of my students.