Friday, 6 February 2015

Very well done Liz

Today my student was Liz a lovely Lady who really had her work cut out to make this very nice beech bowl
This was one of the hardest bits of beech I have ever seen it was as hard as rock
Liz persevered throuoght the day and as you can see it all turned out well.
Very very well done Liz you must be very proud.


  1. What a thoroughly enjoyable day. I'm so pleased with my beautiful bowl...George chose a wonderful piece of wood for me. It was ninja to turn but George was always on hand to give me guidance and step in when needed. George is a very attentive, knowledgeable and patient teacher, despite my best efforts to ruin the bowl at the last minute!

    George and Sue made me feel very welcome in their home and kept me well supplied with plenty of tea, choccy biscuits and delicious homemade soup.

    Not only have I come away with a fantastic bowl, I've also started to learn a skill that I can hopefully develop in the future.

    I'd definitely recommend the day to anybody (I can't wait until next Christmas so I can hopefully get another wood turning day with George!).


    It was a ninja piece of wood to turn but well worth it because the bowl is really beautiful.

  2. Hi Liz We are so very pleased you enjoyed your day here it was a pleasure for Susan and I as well .You were good company and a pleasure to teach.I hope we will see you some time in the future.