Friday, 5 December 2014

Two productive days with Wolfgang

Wolfgang has had two days with me concentrating on refining his tooling at at the same time doing some coloring and texturing.
Two of the three bowls he created are Macrocarpa and the other is Sycamore.
Two days of hard work and good humored banter with good results what more could you ask for.
Here are a few pictures taken yesterday and today.


  1. Love the finish on the two bowls - and from macracarpa - excellent. It sounds as if you are really enjoying the teaching side of things - lets hope next year brings lots of prospective woodturners to your workshop and maybe the Club.

  2. Hi Sue I am already taking bookings for the new year and i have sent of quite a few gift vouchers

  3. I thought the two days were absolutely AMAZING! When we started out first, I
    could see you trying to figure out this foreigner standing there, but as we
    went along, I think it got better and better.
    And I was positively surprised that towards the end of the second day you
    (presumably deliberately) turned your back on me to turn a quick piece of your
    own. I took it as a sign of approval of what I was doing.

    George is a fantastic teacher. He has his way of teaching, but boy, is he good
    at it. There is a clear focus on the tooling and technique that will achieve
    results, and in the two days my technique and understanding increased by an
    order of magnitude. This was worth every single penny, and then some. And I
    walked away with three truly stunning pieces that both of us can be proud of.
    If anybody wants to start out with woodturning, or try some experimental
    things with texturing and colour, I'd recommend George all day long.


  4. The comment above was received from Wolfgang and I copied and pasted it here.

    Thank you Wolfgang for the positive comments they are very much appreciated.
    It is always good to get feedback .
    I always enjoy my teaching some more than others and your two days were some of the best
    I hope to see you some time in the future