Monday, 1 December 2014

Very busy teaching

I have decided to give up Club Demo's and concentrate on what I enjoy most ,Teaching.
All of my slots for this month are now fully booked and most of January next year
My gift vouchers are proving popular as Christmas gifts and one for an eighteenth birthday present
If bookings carry on like this I think next year is going to be another busy year I have kept my tuition charges the same for about five years and they are at a level I am happy with so why be greedy.
When I look at what some turners want for tuition and what some company's are charging I think I give good value.
It is not too late to buy my Gift vouchers for a days one to one or two to one tuition just Email me and I will sort it out.
The only thing I do insist on if it is two to one is that both students are at the same or similar level of experience

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