Saturday, 5 July 2014

Neil and his Walnut bowl

Neil has just bought himself a lathe and some tools and has spent a day with me learning the basics of bowl turning.As you can see from the following pics Neil did very well today making a very nice Walnut bowl.

Here are some pics from the days work.

Bringing the blank into balance by turning to round

 Well into shaping the base

 Sheer scraping the bottom of the bowl with the Crown Sheer scraper
 Hand sanding the bottom of the bowl
 Sanding with the Simon Hope Pro sander
 Facing of the top of the bowl
 Turning out the inside of the bowl
 Turning off the spigot with the bowl trapped between pressure plate and tailstock
 Leaving just enough spigot to support bowl
 Removing remaining bit of spigot with Axminster carver
 Buffing to a very high shine

 Doesn't he look pleased with himself and so he should
 Very well done Neil


  1. Hi George

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great days tuition (Sat 05 July), I have learnt so much!

    Having never turned a thing in my life I was amazed that I was able to take a finished piece home - a lovely walnut bowl, now pride of place on the coffee table!

    So glad I booked up for the day, looking forward to putting it into practise now.

    Say thank you to your wife - lunch, coffee and cake all much appreciated!

    Thanks again George, hopefully be back soon to show you how I am getting on!

    Neil Harris

  2. Hi Neil I am pleased you enjoyed your tuition and I am sure with time and practice you will go on to make a skilled turner