Friday, 4 July 2014

Fiona and Dianna

Today I have had two lovely students Fiona and Dianna and it has been one of the the best days I have ever had teaching.
They were so much fun and great company and very easy to teach.
A while ago Fiona's husband Ross came to me for tuition and when he told Fiona how much he had enjoyed it she decided to come for a day with Ross's sister Dianna.
As you can see they both turned very nice Sycamore bowls.
Here are a few pictures from the day

I think the last few pics say it all.


  1. Hi George,
    Thanks so much for a truly inspirational and rewarding day. I was amazed at what we achieved, even as complete beginners, and we have now been bitten by the woodturning bug! Thank you both for making us so welcome, and giving us such good teaching with such a successful outcome.
    We will let you know when we are about to start dealing with our massive fallen turkey oak – poor thing has sprouted, because some of its roots are still in the earth!
    Thank again so much
    best wishes

  2. Hi George

    Fiona has forwarded the link to the photos of our day with you. Thank you so much for a really super day, and an amazing end product - my husband cannot believe that I actually made the bowl myself. I have never known a day to go so quickly. Please also thank your wife for the lovely lunch. I am sure my son would like to come so will contact you when I know that he will be available as he lives in London.

    Thank you once again for a really lovely day.


  3. Thank you ladies you were a real pleasure to to teach it was one of the most enjoyable days I have had in my workshop

  4. You both did very very well which just goes to prove that ladies are just as capable as men at woodturning