Saturday, 1 June 2013

Free Walnut

Hi All.

I have been very busy lately working on some properties my Brother Chris and I own getting them ready for new Tennant's.
This has kept me busy for the last few weeks so I have not really had time for any woodturning.
I have been very lucky and have been given quite a lot of Walnut so the last two days I have been processing it for the future.
Most of it is now cut up and sealed ready to stack away.
It is amazing how much offcuts there are but they do not go to waste either my Son Mark or my Friend Sue has them for their log burners.
Sue used to get all of my offcuts but now she has to share with Mark.
Here are a couple of pics to show how many I have done up to now they will be usable in about two years.
There are about a hundred blanks done but still quite a lot left for another day.


  1. An amazing amount of work but I'm sure it will be worth it - the grain is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the offcuts!

  2. I will pop them around when my back is better.

  3. Take care