Sunday, 2 June 2013

Elm from Melvyn.

This morning I visited Melvyn Firmager after an offer of some Elm burr's.
Unfortunately for Melvyn but lucky for me he has developed an allergy to Elm.
After some sorting out I came away with some of the most beautiful Elm I have ever seen .These pics show the burrs and a couple of bowls I turned from a piece this afternoon.
Some of the Burr's were dated 1984 so the have been stored for olmost 30 years.
For those of you that do not know Melvyn he is a world famous and accomplished woodturner who has a fantastic workshop and Bed and breakfast cottage Link here.
Thank you Melvyn it was great to spend time with you and your lovely wife Anne.


  1. I didn't think you wanted any of this! I hope Dick, who was meant to go out yesterday managed to get some for me......otherwise......

  2. Hi Sue.
    Dick did get some but to be honest most of it is so worm eaten it is only fit for firewood.

  3. The dates on it are from 1983/84 so it has been in the shed for 30 odd years a shame realy as most of it is uselsss.

  4. Nice burr photos. I see this type burr first time.

    MDF Board

  5. Thank you I am pleased you like them