Monday, 22 April 2013

Walnut Bowl

I have never done a lot of thin walled turning but recently I visited Mark Sanger's workshop and we had a bit of a play turning thin walled bowls.
I found it quite challenging and good tool control is obviously the key.
I have just bought quite a lot of very wet figured Walnut so I thought this would be good opportunity to try some thin walled turning.
This bowl is 8"x 2 1/2" and about 1/8" thick.
I turned it the same thickness all around Even removing the foot.It has dried and warped now for about four days and seems quite stable.
The base is scorched and oiled Oak.


  1. Hi George- this is a really nice bowl, the sapwood /heartwood contrast looks great. I’ve always enjoyed this type of work and find myself doing batch's of it every few years when I buy suitable logs- I have found eucalyptus to move the best/craziest and also the quickest.

  2. Thank you George.
    I have only just started doing this thin stuff and today I have messed up two goblets and one bowl but if you are going to get pieces paper thin you will get some that go wrong so I will stick at it.

  3. Gosh George! How thin can you go? Beautiful grain but I wonder whether the base is too 'heavy'.

  4. Hi George,
    I do not like the base it seems to dominate the wonerful natural colour of the bowl.
    Joshua Halls

  5. Hi Joshua.
    I think both you are right and I have reduced the base and wil put a new pic up soon