Thursday, 4 April 2013

Theo's first bowl

Today I have been teaching Theo how to turn his first bowl.
This bowl is about 11" x 6" turned from Olive Ash.
here are a few pics for you .


  1. always love reading your blog George keep it going a great guy and a great tutor

  2. Thank you Ian .I cannot me a bad Tutor as all of my pupils go away happy.
    Thank you for commenting.

  3. Pleased the day went well - beautiful bowl - looking forward to my next session and I won't be making buttons!

  4. Hi Sue thank you for commenting.See you at Yandles I will be Demonstraiting for Crown tools part of the days when I can get mark Sanger off the lathe.

  5. surely this is somewhat ambitios for a novice ! How much did you do??? is this realy the way for a beginner to lean!!!
    A professional turner.

  6. Hi I note you have commented on this topic and have not identified yourself and left an anonymous comment.If I comment on anything I always have the common courtesy to identify myself.
    No I do not consider this to be too ambitious for a novice
    obviously my teaching skills are good enough as all of my novice pupils turn a nice bowl on their first lesson.And for your information my impute on this bowl was almost nothing.
    Yes this is the way for a novice turner to learn.
    When a novice turner leaves my workshop on the first lesson they will have enough knowledge of safety and correct bowl tool usage to go away practise and then come back at a later date to further their skills with a day of spindle turning.
    I am quite happy to discuss my teaching techniques with you but please have the common courtesy to identify yourself.
    As a professional turner I am surprised you need to hide behind anonymous comments.

  7. Hi George

    It is good to see you are still busy teaching.

    I notice that you have had an anonymous comment from a self proclaimed 'Professional Turdner'.

    I have had a few anonymous comments on my blog over the years, surprisingly they too have all been unjustifiably negative, this being why they have been anonymous, as the poster knows they can not substantiate the empty comments they post.

    It always surprises me how people like to snipe from a distance.

    Still you are successful and people do not like this, so they try to knock those that achieve more than themselves, they feel insignificant and inadequate and try to divert these feelings by criticising those around them that are doing well in a vain attempt to try to bring them down to their own low standards, from a psychological standpoint this happens as they feel jealous or inferior.

    Don't worry about it, not that you will be, having been involved in many woodturning courses with you I know the quality of your work. If not I wouldn't run courses with you.

    1. Hi Mark it would have been easy to have not published the comment from the Troll but I thought I would let him have his say because he has actually done me a favour. He has given me the opportunity to point out that any novice turner coming to me for a days tuition will be capable of turning and finishing a very nice bowl by the end of the day.

  8. I don't give anonymous Trolling any space on my blog. Just don't get it myself but then I guess they think they are legends in their own lunch box. :-)

    My students too manage to turn a bowl in a day. Strange some people, too many negative vibes about. :-)

  9. Mark both you and I know many professional turners and I think it would be fair to say most of them could teach a novice how to make a bowl in a day.
    Our Troll can only dream about being a pro turner.