Friday, 15 March 2013

Dave and sue

Yesterday two of my regular students Dave and Sue spent the day in my workshop.
Dave made a very nice Goblet and a super Walnut bowl and sue wanted to make wooden buttons.
Wooden buttons were new to me but Sue was determined to spend the day making them as she had been asked by her Sister to make her some to go with knitwear she was making.
I think Sue is going to go into large scale production of wooden buttons.LOL
Once we had sorted out a suitable way to make them it was heads down and off she went.
Using the small Crown texturing tool and the Henry Taylor Decorating Elf Sue soon sorted some really nice patterns.
Sorry but I forgot to take any pics of the buttons and they are probably on the way to her sister in Scotland by now.
Here are a few pics from yesterday.


  1. Great day - thankyou very much - decorating elf package is on the "must have" list!

  2. I thought it might be.LOL
    I am glad you enjoyed your day iot is always a pleasure teaching you both.