Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Axminster tools

Yesterday twelve of our local club Link here spent the day at Axminster tools link here.
I have always been a big fan of Axminster tools having bought a lot of equipment off them in the last 12 years and had service that you could only describe as superb.
Axminster will give you a guided tour of their works and a Demo by Jason Breech and Colwin Wey if you are a woodturning club and have at least 10 members attending.
Our tour started at about a quarter to ten with a one and a half hour demo from Colwin.
We were then split into two groups for our tour of their engineering works were they produce turning chucks and much more associated equipment.The other group toured there equipment handling and packing areas where dedicated workers handle about eighteen thousand different products from very small items to large machines.This was a very impressive system.
At one O clock we sat down for sandwiches cake and drinks.
This break gave us an opportunity to place orders to be picked up later in the day and I understand our little group spent over three thousand pounds but there is no pressure on you to spend anythig.
In the afternoon the two groups did another tour seeing the things the first group saw in the morning.
At about three O clock Jason did a one hour demo.
As you can see this was a very full day and I would recommend it to any club that might be looking for a good day out.
The one thing that did stand out for me was how happy all the workers were it is obviously a good place to work.
Thank you Axminster tools for a great day out.

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