Monday, 20 August 2012

Welsh Festival of the tree.

This weekend I was demonstrating at the Festival of the tree event in West Wales.This event was held in the beautiful National Botanical gardens of Wales Here Unfortunately it was a complete wash out for myself.
Due to combination of very bad weather poor advertising and other factors one being the heat and humidity.The demonstrators club stands and tool sellers were in the huge glass dome.The weather was extremely hot and the computer that controls the temperature and humidity packed up.It was so hot and humid that my clothes were stuck to me and my specs were steaming up.
There were very few visitors and the whole thing as far as I am concerned was a disaster .

Pic by kind permission of John Blake.Link to John's Website


  1. Sorry to hear that George It is a shame when you have put so much effort and time into displaying some lovely work.I bet even the few people who attended were disappointed as it was not cheap to go in.I hope to see you at Yandles.Regards John

  2. The cost of going in was part of the problem.It was advertised as a free event but it was only free if you paid the £8 50 to get in.How does that make any sense?

  3. I agree George i think cost had a lot to do with it,I for one was disapointed with the number of traders and turners that was their. But on the plus side i did get to have a chat with you and have a good look at the quality of your work first class.

    Regards Paul

  4. Sorry the weekend was disapointing as far a customers,it was good to see you and Susan and to be able to spend some time with you both, always a pleasure. Glad to see you used my photo, it shows your work off well. See you at Yandles

  5. Hi Paul.
    It was good to have a chatt with you.I think to advertise something as free and then charge families £21 00 and individuals £8 50 is misleading.Unless things are changed there will be less demonstrators and traders next year.

  6. Hi George

    It is a shame that it did not go well. This being one of the reason I stopped going to fairs, shows, etc years ago, some go very well others poorly, it is also rare you can get the proper price for work as people are out for the day and not necessarily to spend money.

    But like you say with this one, to say it is free then charge will have gotten a lot of people backs up.