Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thank you Ian.

As some of you will know myself and Mark Raby do Finishing texturing and colouring courses here in my workshop in Somerset.
Part of our course is to finish colour and burnish a Yew bud vase as in the following pic.

To enlarge pics left click on pic.

Recently we have had a problem getting hold of suitable Yew branch wood as Yew and Laburnum are  best for this exercise.
An Email to Ian Metheringham of Turners Cabin turned up trumps not only did Ian send me a box of free Yew he has kindly offered to sponsor the wood supplies for future courses.
Very good qualite wood as you casee from the following pic

Our next course is on the 7Th and 8Th of July and again on the 9T and 10Th of September.
For all of your woodturning supplies contact Turners Cabin link here.Turners Cabin
There is Info about future courses on my Website Link here

All of this Yew has now been turned into Bud vases ready for our next course in July.

One of the blanks has made a very nice bowl that I will be sending to Ian as a thank you.


  1. They did turn out beautifully George. I love the laburnham. A really brilliant day, I would recommend as I learnt so much! Well done to Ian - what a gem!

  2. Im Glad you like the wood George and thanks for the bowl in advance . Ian

  3. The bowl is stunning lots of spalting but I dont know what the wood is do you? It looks like spalted Ash

  4. Hi George

    Lovely wood and very kind of Ian from the Turners Cabin to send it to you in support of your courses.

    All the best.

  5. It looks as if you all had a great day.

    Too much laughing going on by the looks of it to me, :-) and that ius what it is all about, enjoyig the day and learning.

    Lovely effects acheived.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi George it looks like you and Mark R are going to be busy with all the smiling faces everyone must be enjoying themselves.Regards John

  7. Hi John.
    I have got about a hundred and twenty bud vases made and ready to sand and colour.I have just come in from my workshop after sanding and colouring about twenty.They are selling like hot cakes.