Saturday, 28 April 2012

A batch of Bud Vases

I have been making Bud Vases for sale and for the courses that Mark Raby and I hold.
I am aiming to make one hundred as every day of our courses takes six and we have another five days of courses booked for this year that is thirty.
Some will go to Galleries where they are proving to be very popular.
Myself and Mark Raby are doing a selling and demonstrating weekend in Camarthen West Wales in August where we hope to sell quite a few.
As you can see from the pics I do these in batches to save time.First I cut up all of the Yew branch wood into lengths then make a spigot on each one.Then they are turned to shape and left ready for final sanding,colouring,lacquering and burnishing
The Bud Vases are sanded through all the grits to 800 grit and then finished with Webrax. The sanding has to be absolutely perfect or as soon as colour is applied every sanding mark will show no matter how small.Spirit stain is then applied using safety cloth prior to applying two coats of Mylands Acrylic gloss lacquer and burnishing

To enlarge the pics left click on pic

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