Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Things happening.

Been busy as usual.Yesterday I had a few hours with Mark Sanger taking pics of some work I have submitted for an exhibition and a lot of time nattering.It is nice to get away from my workshop for a change of company.The trouble is with having a workshop at home I spend too much time in it.Tonight I have 4 members of our local Woodturning club coming round for a hands on evening.Tomorrow night I have a meeting in Langport at the Somerset Art Works office.I have some ideas rolling round in my head mostly to do with colouring and texturing.
I have plans to make some more wall hangings in different shapes and colours.Keep an eye open on this Blog to see how they all turn out.


  1. George you always manage to impress me mate
    i really dont know how you do it hope fully if this year pans out as hoped i will get the chance to come bother you

  2. Thanks Ian.You are always welcome mate.

  3. Hi George,

    I have entered the same exhibition so hopefully our work will be accepted.

    I wish you all the best mate, hope you are accepted and win 'best in show'.

    Aw the best for the exhibition.



  4. Hi Lee.
    Fingers crossed for both of us.