Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Completed Wall plaques

These wall plaques are the ones I was working on a couple of posts back

Click on pictures to enlarge them


  1. Hi George- I really like these- some of the effects remind me of alabone shell and others remind me of some of the schlag metal effect gold leafs like i sometimes use. I wonder if you could create a trick of the eye with the frameing and make a wedge shaped frame (like when you learn to draw a row of terrace house's) so when mounted horizontally it looks like there going into the distance.

  2. well if this is what you are starting of the new year whit its looking stunning.

  3. Hi George.
    Thank you for commenting.
    That is a good idea and I will try it.

  4. Hi George

    more beauties.

    George's idea would work well. Have a look at "drawing perspective".

    I have a few ideas also but will keep them to myself as you are getting too good. :-), we can discuss them over a phone call.

  5. Hello Robbie,
    Thank you for commenting.I am pleased you like them.I will be working on some new ideas so please keep looking in.

  6. Hi Mark.
    I am pleased how these have turned out and i will be working hard trying to create some new ideas i have and ideas that others have sugested.
    I will have a natter later but not for a while as I have just had a tooth out.