Monday, 12 September 2011

Yandles Show.

Last weekend I was demonstrating at Yandles show in Martock.
This is the first time for me that I have demonstrated for two days although it is a bit tiring toward the end it is a lot of fun.
Lots of people took lots of interest in my hollowing through a small hole with the Crown hollowing system.
It must have been a good demo as Edward from Crown who was managing their stand sold out of all the Hollowing systems in stock.He also took a lot of orders to be sent out to customers.
Several people asked me why I promoted Crown tools and the answer is simple I like them.
A lot of interest was shown in my texturing and colouring techniques using spirit stains and the Jo Sonja's system.
There seems to be a lot of turners who are having a go at texturing and colouring their work recently I suppose it is because turners like myself are showing a lot of coloured work on Forum's which can only be good for woodturning.
Mark Sanger has promised me some pics from the show and as soon as I receive them they will be uploaded here.
Here are a couple of pics sent to me by AdrianCobb.Thank you Adrian.

The following pics were taken by Mark Sanger.

Anyone can play safe at a demo and hollow through a big hole but to show what can actually be achieved with a hollowing system you need to work through a small hole. 
The hole in this Form is 3/4"
In my workshop I would hollow these through an evan smaller hole with this system so I was playing a bit safe.

Over the coarse of two days I hollowed about five of these as well as making a number of textured and coloured bowls.
One thing I have noticed at shows is that a few demonstrators pace themselves and create very little.
I know it is important to talk to the public but I think some demonstrators need to learn to talk and work at the same time. 
It looks like this chap has to shout to make himself heard.

Hollowing through a small hole
Showing off.

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  1. Hi George

    I know you were enjoying yourself at the show while I was there. Hope you had a great second day.