Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A pair of Candlesticks

These candlestick are 21" high x 4" wide turned from Pine joinery timber.
After turning I painted them with the same blue paint as I painted my workshop in the back of the picture.
Immediately after painting and before the paint was dry I wiped of as much paint as possible with a cloth.
I immediately then rubbed in Liming wax and over coated them with finishing oil.


  1. Hi george

    Looking good. The candle sticks I mean not you.

    These are good sellers in both contemporary homes and more traditional.

    I like the colour but I do wish you wuldn;t ruin wood with colour and texture. I much prefer it round and brown. I mean why ruin a lovely piece of wood with colour. ?! :-) Mind you they do match your workshop.

  2. I made the candlesticks first then built my workshop to match them.