Saturday, 8 January 2011

First Post

Welcome to my blog                        Click on pics to make them bigger.

This is my first post which has taken me quite some time as I am getting use to the workings of how to do it.

The purpose of my blog is for me to be able from time to time to post images, ideas and works in progress to show others how I go about my work.  Don't expect me to post on a regular basis but hopfully as I get use to using new computer skills my postings will become more frequent.

Recently within woodturning forums I have received requests to explain how I produce some specific pieces of my work.  I will be showing some of these ideas and techniques within this blog specifically some wall plaques that I have been working on recently.

I will post a work in progress to show how I make some of these.


  1. Hi George

    good to see your new blog up and running. I look forward to viewing your posts.

  2. Interesting George Thanks


  3. Well done Geo. wish you luck .Great start will follow your Blog with intrest. REgards Eugene Malone aka Boysie39

  4. Hi George,

    Excellent blog posting, and very interesting.

    I will be following your teachings wih great interest.

    Good luck,