Saturday, 25 January 2020

Charles and Hillary

My Students today Charles and Hillary here for an experience day, Christmas gifts From Charles Wife Belinda and Hillary's Husband Simon.They are unlikely to be taking up Woodturning in the near future as they are both busy with other things.
They worked very hard and produced beautiful Bowls good company and lots of fun.


  1. One Day Wood Turning Course for Beginners – with George Foweraker
    Saturday 25/1/20
    A Christmas present from my wife: a fabulous day laid on by George and Sue.
    George takes a maximum of two on the course at any one time, so the level of personal attention is high which is just what I needed, not having used a lathe since school woodwork classes back in the 70’s - which showed! We received a warm welcome and a cup of tea and then the day began. Many thanks to Sue for feeding us and providing teas and coffees through the day.
    George is an excellent tutor, splitting the session into discrete and logical sections with a clear explanation and demonstration for each step. He then leaves you to get on with the job and although never intrusive appears like magic when you need some help – he is friendly, approachable and patient. The whole day flew past and was never less than fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable.
    At the end of the day I had produced a bowl that I take an enormous amount of satisfaction (and not a little pride) in - three days later I’m still gawping at it in amazement.
    Thank you, George, you are inspiring.

  2. Hi Charles

    Thank you for the positive review it is very much appreciated.
    We are very pleased you enjoyed your day here and hopefully we will see you again soon

    Regards George and Sue