Monday, 11 February 2019

Two Students today Pat and Clive

Today I had two Students Pat and Clive Pat is still working full time and has a basic Lathe and tools. Clive is retired and might take up turning some time in the future.
Pat's day was a treat from his Wife and Family, Clive's was a treat from his daughter.
Both were very good company and easy to teach

Pat turned a very nice Sycamore bowl with a textured and coloured rim.Clive turned a very nice Sycamore bowl with lovely figuring and a concave rim.


  1. Hello George,
    Many thanks to you and Sue for a very enjoyable day in Burnham introducing me to woodturning.
    Whilst clearly I have a long way to go your thorough introduction to the nature of wood, the equipment and techniques combined with patience and an obvious enthusiasm for the craft enabled me to come away with a bowl I was pleased with and my wife even said she wouldn't mind having on the sideboard!
    Thanks again and best wishes,

  2. Thank you Clive we are pleased you enjoyed your day here and if you decide to take up woodturning you know where we are

    Regards George and Sue