Sunday, 15 July 2018

A day with Bruce.

Bruce has two lath's a Shopsmith and a Sip but due to time restraints they have had very little use.
Now he has had some tuition he has ne excuse not to get Turning.
Bruce was great company and easy to work with.
Bruce turned a very respectable Spalted Beech bowl.

1 comment:

  1. George, thank you for a fantastic day wood turning. As an enthusiastic beginner I needed to know some basic skills and build confidence to achieve repeatable results. Your steady, coaching approach enabled me to learn how to make a turned bowl in a safe and creative way. The key skill I picked up was the attention to detail when it matters to make a high quality product. I was really surprised by the ease we did several different finishes and then cut them off to end on the final choice. The whole day was an enjoyable discussion about tools, techniques, wood types, sharpening systems, abrasives, form and finishes. I would advise anyone to have this lesson in the first few weeks of getting a lathe. Thank you and your wife for a great day. Regards. Bruce Eyley