Saturday, 12 May 2018


My Student  today John has had a small lathe for about a year and prior to upgrading came here for a couple of days Bowl making Tuition.
John was good company and worked hard turning four very nice Bowls the first was a nice Beech Bowl.Then John turned a very nice Mulberry natural edge Bowl and two Walnut Bowls.The Walnut bowls were turned from a log john brought with him.

Here are a few pics from the two days.

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  1. " George is a wonderful teacher, very patient, and corrects your mistakes kindly and with humour, provided you keep your hands out of your pockets. Clearly a master of his craft, George is also an artist which you are reminded of every time you pop to the loo. I have been using a lathe for the last year or so but wish I had come to George first, it would have saved a lot of ruined work and cross words. My wife could not believe how beautiful the bowls were that I took home after being with George, she might even let me spend more time in the shed. I look forward to the next few months tying to use the techniques I have been taught, but expect I will be back again for a refresher course before long."