Friday, 30 June 2017

David's two days

David has had some experience with woodturning and has had some Tuition with another pro Turner but sensibly looking to gain extra knowledge.Davids interest is mostly in Bowl turning and is going about things in the right way he is getting tuition then practising and returning for more tuition.
In our two days we covered quite a lot with decoration techniques and colouring.
David has gone away with two beautiful bowls and a lot of extra knowledge.

Very well done David I look forward to seeing you again in the future.


  1. As a novice, two days of one to one tuition with George has given me more confidence and insight into the world of woodturning. George’s no nonsense, hands-on approach interspersed with invaluable tips and tricks of the trade will undoubtedly result in a more professional looking end product…… without the inevitable frustrating and ruinous ’catches’ along the way. David S

  2. Thank you David Susan and I enjoyed your company "Susan said he was a lovely man and gave me a big hug"
    I am pleased you feel you gained a lot from your days here and you should now go on to do some nice work.Dont be disapointed if things dont always go as hoped you will not have me stood over you.Do what I do if things go wrong just think ah well it is only a piece of wood and move on.I look forward to later in the year when you return.