Friday, 12 May 2017

Joe's three day Bowl turning course

Joe has been with me for a three day Bowl turning course and turned out some fantastic work. There is a big advantage in booking several days on the trot as you keep reinforcing what you have already done. Joe had done some woodturning over many years but had not done any for a number of years recently so needed to catch up and refine his tooling and techniques. His interest is in bowls with some sort of colouring and or texturing so as well as refining his tool technique we concentrated on Form finish colouring and texturing.
I took some pictures throughout the three day as you can see we got through a lot of work and Joe went away with a lot of knowledge and some very nice Bowls.
These pics might not be in the best order because the bowls were not started and finished and then another one started they were all produced at the same time to allow for finishes to dry but you will get an idea of what we did.
We set this Beech blank up on my Nova for practicing on It had some splits in that were super glued up to make it safe but it was not good enough for a finished piece.  
 Joe doing the pull cut something he had never tried before
 Sanding with the Simon Hope Pro sander
 Final sand down to 1000 grit with Webrax abrasive
 Reverse turned preparing for beading
 Beading with Ashleigh Isles 6mm Beading tool
 Scorching beads all done outside since Andy Coates workshop burnt down
 Removing soot with Bronze bristle brush from Chestnut products
 Applying Verdigris wax
Removing Bowl centre

This is our practice piece again and Joe is having a go at carving with the Proxon carver
There quite a knack to this to make it look right but with a bit of practice it soon looks OK
 Psactice piece scorched and coloured with Chestnut Orange spirit stain
 Removing the face of practice piece to try another texture on
 The next texture is done with the Proxon grinder with the chainsaw cutter hence the gloved hand and wrist. Under the Welders glove is a stainless steel Butchers glove.
 This is a very dangerous piece of kit and needs to be used with great care.
 Practice piece carved scorched and coloured with red Chestnut Spirit stain
This is Texturing on top of the carved surface with the Crown Tools spiralling wheel
Practicing using the Defuser with Spirit Stain
 Still with the practice piece with Blue spirit stain this time
 Looking good
Close up Textured with Proxon grinder then more texture added with crown Tools spiralling cutter scorched and coloured.

 Nice Form

 Sanded to 1000 grit and sealed with Chestnut cellulose sanding sealer
 Looking good and ready to remove Centre
 Joe refining with scraper
 Finished Bowl
This is the start of an Oak bowl Joe practiced another technique on
Oak carved and scorched
 Close up after carving and scorching
Nice big Beech blank
Joe really taking to the pull cut
 Refining with the Crown tools Sheer scraper
 Sanding to 1000 Grit everything that leaves my workshop is sanded to 1000 grit
 Appling sanding sealer with a brush
 Looks good
 Jo Sonjas paint applied and being dried wit a hair dryer
Removing Centre bowl
 Another practice piece Oak and Joe is creating a texture with a rasp
 Textured scorched and limed looking good I think.
 Jo Sonjas piece finished
 And there he is looking as proud as punch and so he should he worked hard and this is the end result and also some other finishes that have not been shown here.
The Beaded Bowl is approx. 14" x 3"
The Jo Sonjas Bowl is Beech approx 15" x 3"
The red carved Bowl is approx. 11" x 3"
The Oak Bowl is approx. 9" x 3"


  1. Hi George and Sue,
    On a personal level thank you both for the time and courtesies extended to me over the last three days. My stay at Burnham was a most enjoyable experience and complimented by your warm welcome, generosity and the knowledge imparted in the most professional manner by you George will remain a cherished memory.
    having just experienced the most enjoyable three day course with George I felt it deserved to be recorded so that others may benefit and be made aware of an opportunity to get a marvellous treat in the art of woodturning. George’s methodical and professional approach to instruction is an art in itself. His technical ability and skills are second to none and he is blessed with the added ability to put the topic across to students with consummate ease. All aspects were covered, health and safety, machinery, tools and an in depth knowledge of the material to be worked. This gives any student lucky enough to participate in one of George’s workshops a great platform from which he or she can thereafter travel through the wonders of turning, colouring and texturing wood.
    I personally benefitted from George’s great knowledge in all these aspects. His patience is unlimited and the one quality which makes the difference between someone who mechanically instructs and a great teacher.
    I hope to be lucky enough to return to Burnham to reinforce the skills and theory collected in the last few days,

  2. It was a pleasure having you here Joe I look forward to seeing you again in August