Saturday, 21 January 2017

Good company

I do not work on a Saturday if I can help it but sometimes it is the only day people can make it.
Today was one of those days but Neil was such good company and a pleasure to teach that it was no real effort.
Neil was here because his friend Alison treated him to a days woodturning tuition for his 50Th Birthday.
Neil turned a beautiful Beech bowl with a Textured and coloured rim.
Very well done Neil thank you for being great company and making my day a real pleasure.


  1. George

    What can I say? Brilliant, informative, inspiring! I really enjoyed our day yesterday and I really appreciated your patience, experience and diligent teaching. I have always loved the elements: water, rock and wood. You have shown me how to make wood ‘speak’ and how to turn it with ease to produce beautiful forms. The decorative effects were the icing on the cake. Simple yet effective and I can see the thought and attention to detail that really pays off. Many thanks to you again for your course and your wife for keeping me fed and watered on such a cold day! I highly recommend it to anyone reading this. I will definitely be back

  2. Thank you Neil; I am very pleased you enjoyed your day here as I did and look forward to seeing you again soon.