Friday, 28 October 2016

Oliver's Beech Bowl

Oliver's Wife Heather treated him to a days Woodturning tuition .
Oliver was a good Student who caught on quickly and was a pleasure to teach.
This is the beautiful Beech bowl Oliver turned with a pound coin set in the bottom.
Very well done Oliver.


  1. Hi George and Sue

    Thank you for the day yesterday – it was really rewarding. You were both very welcoming and your knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious. It’s easy to see how you could get the bug and I’m eyeing up my shed jealously now. Everyone was very impressed by the bowl and I think I lied convincingly about the reason for the pound coin!

    Your tuition gave me real confidence and if I ever do get control over the shed I know where to come for further advice. In terms of what you might do differently there isn’t much I can suggest, but, and I don’t know how easy this would be, possibly more of a chance to try out techniques on a rough piece of wood, without having to worry too much about ruining the final product, and perhaps a clearer idea at the start of what is likely to happen during the day.
    Thanks again

  2. Hi Oliver.
    Thank you for the feedback it is very much appreciated.
    In answer to your comments.
    You suggest we could a rough bit of wood to practice on the problem there is that on a one day taster course you only have a limited time to create a nice bowl and the wood blank you started with was rough anyway. It was only your hard work that turned it into a very nice bowl.

    Your comment about explaining at the start of the day what would happen throughout the day as I remember it.
    When you arrived we sat down had a coffee and discussed you experience or lack of woodturning experience. We then went to the workshop and after going through health and safety I told you that you would be creating a bowl throughout the day and that we would stop for a tea break at 10 30 lunch at 12 30 afternoon break at 3 30 all approx. Then I explained with sketches how we proses wood and how important it is to work with the grain. This was all prior to starting turning I am not sure what else I could have done but I am always open to suggestions' if it will improve my courses.
    Your bowl had very little impute from me so I think you did very well and should be proud of yourself.

    Regards George