Monday, 4 July 2016

Roger and Jeanette

Today Roger and Jeanette were with me for a days woodturning experience and what a lovely couple they were.
Jeanette treated herself and Roger to the day as a Birthday present for Roger and to say he was pleased would be an understatement .
They were absolutely wonderful company and I can honestly say it is probably the best day teaching I have had up to now. As always we take things very seriously but the day was full of laughter and banter .
Both Roger and Jeanette were very easy to teach and by working on a bit they made two lovely Bowls with Textured and coloured rims.
Life is wonderful I am doing what I enjoy and getting paid for it.


  1. Just arrived home after a really good day wood turning with George and his lovely wife Susan. The amount of information that George gave us was spot on. It started with an outline of the health and safety to be complied with whilst in the workshop. There was an explanation of the make up of the wood we were going to use and the way it reacts on the lathe. It wasn't all instruction , it was also a really good laugh as George is a natural entertainer . But as a result we came away with two really nice fruit bowls. Susan was lovely and looked after the refreshments for the day. Very important as you really do have to concentrate on what your doing. All n all a brilliant day, and I would really recommend it. Thanks to Susan and George.

  2. Hi Roger I am very pleased you enjoyed it as much as I did it was a fun day and you both did really well.
    Hopefully we will see you again some time in the future you will always be welcome.
    Regards George

  3. Hi George
    Thank you for a really great wood turning experience day. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the day or how pleased I am with with my bowl, but I will try.
    I arrived feeling quite anxious about being able to produce anything at all, as I had no experience and had never been anywhere near a lathe.
    Your explanations, demonstrations, patience and guidance gave me confidence.
    Along with the excellent tuition it was a really enjoyable and fun experience, we had a great time with you and Sue, you both made us feel very welcome and comfortable.
    We were well looked after, Sue made us a lovely lunch which was much appreciated and we were kept going throughout the day with regular cups of perfect tea.
    On top of all of that I am now the very proud owner of a bowl that is of a much better quality and more beautiful than I ever thought I was capable of making. I will treasure it.
    Thank you very much George and Sue

  4. Hello Jeanette

    Thank you for yours and Roger's review it is very much appreciated.
    I enjoyed my day with both of you as you were such easy company and a pleasure to be with.
    If you are ever in this area again pop in and say hello you will always be welcome