Thursday, 10 March 2016

Andy todays Student

Andy my Student today was here for an experience day as a treat from his Wife for his Birthday.
He was good easy company and took too woodturning like a duck to water.
I have been very lucky lately all my Students have been easy to teach which makes life easy for me.
Andy turned a very nice beech bowl that had a lot of figuring in it as you can see from the pics.
Not the easiest bit of wood too turn but Andy managed it without any problems.


  1. Hi George/Susan
    Thank you for a great day and also for being so flexible at breakfast !! I very much enjoyed it and was amazed with the result, so much so I’ve been showing off at work this morning !!
    I thought the course content was spot on and thanks to Susan for a lovely lunch and copious refills of tea !
    Will plan to come along and see you during the ‘Somerset Arts Week’ !
    Best Regards

  2. Thank you Andy it was a pleasure having you here .I hope your Wife is pleased with her Bowl.
    We will look forward to seeing you in September