Friday, 8 January 2016

Back to work for another year

I have treated myself to a nice long break over the Christmas and into the new year. Today was by first day back and I have spent the day teaching.
I have cut down on my teaching and only do two days a week now,that is between two and four Students a week this leaves me enough time to make stuff for Galleries.
Todays Student was Doug who is considering taking up turning for a hobby in his retirement I am confident after today he will take up turning because he enjoyed it and the Beech Bowl he has made shows he has an aptitude for turning.
Doug is off to Australia for six weeks and has promised to come back on his return for me to advise him on what equipment to buy.
very well done Doug that is a very nice bowl.


  1. Turned up with great trepidation, put fully at ease and was led gently into a great day.
    As an MS sufferer, my hands shake quite considerably, and at one time I felt that I would not be able to continue the days course, but, George, very adaptable showed me various methods to overcome this difficulty, at the end of the day, a brilliant result with my bowel that I had made to prove it.
    It was not just a woodturning course, it was also a day of "understanding wood"
    Georges lovely wife, was a great hostess, tea/coffee and a nice lunch.
    thank you for a wonderful experience
    Doug Human

  2. Hi Doug.
    Thank you for the kind comment it was a pleasure to have you here for the day and hopefully we will se you on your return from Auss