Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A couple of enjoyable Days

I have just had a very enjoyable couple of days with Andrew who came here for a two day introduction to Bowl turning.
Two lovely Bowls Andrew very well done.


  1. Hi George and Sue

    I have just got home and have given Liz a full and detailed description of my 2 days with you,which can be described as 'fun','interesting' and more importantly an opportunity for an old dog(me!) to apply myself to something completely new.This turned out to be 2 days where I was able to forget that there is an outside world and spend time with you and Susan getting immersed in wood in all its shapes forms and potentials!
    The smells of the wood and your workshop were great and I really appreciate the care and attention you paid to me in explaining and showing and guiding my hand.
    Of course the 3 Bowls I brought home have been immediately put in pride of place as you come through our front door!
    And I have to say that I have slightly exaggerated how much time I spent on on them..... but they do look great and I am ,I think rightly proud of them.
    Thank you both for your excellent hospitality and some of the stories of your various 'rich' experiences,which I truly believe should be put into a book!
    All in all a big thank you and I look forward to the next stage.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you for the feedback Andrew it is very much appreciated. We both enjoyed your company for the last couple of days and we hope to see you some time in the future