Saturday, 4 April 2015

Todays student Arron

Today my student was Arron 23 was one of the youngest students I have ever had here.Most but not all of my students are retirement age so this made a very pleasant change.
Arron works in London as a prop builder working on large shows.He is obviously very capable with his hands and took to woodturning like a duck to water.
Here are some pics I took throughout the day.

Starting the outside of the bowl and making nice shavings

 Bottom turned and ready for scraping

 Carefully sanding the bottom of the bowl

Inspecting the sanded surface
 The bowl is reverse chucked and the inside is being removed

Very nice shavings he is taking to turning exceptionally well

Rim coloured and ready for final cuts and sanding Arron's tooling was so good by now there was no need to scrape the inside

Spigot removal ready to sand base then buff.

Arron did so well today there was a bit of time left over for some spindle turning practice

And this is the result one very made perfect bowl a present for his Girlfriend Stacey I think she is a very lucky young Lady.Doesn't he look pleased with himself and so he should he did very very well.



  1. Hi George,

    Thanks so much for a fantastic day! It was a real joy to join you in your workshop for my first wood turning experience. I'm always looking to learn new skills and I couldent think of a better way to get started on the lathe. I was amazed my the results I achieved under your instruction and am looking forward to continuing to practice. I'm sure I'll be back for another session in the near future to learn some more of the secrets to good wood turning practice!
    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you Aaron it was a real pleasure having you here and hopefully I will see you again.With practice you will make a good woodturner