Wednesday, 26 March 2014

John and Trina

Today John and Trina had a day learning the basics of bowl turning .They already have a lathe and tools so they are going to go away and practice and then come back for further tuition.The both took to it like ducks to water as you can see from the pictures.

To enlarge pics click on pic.


  1. Dear George,

    Thank you so much for yesterday. Your expertise and ability to pass it on was incredible. We both thoroughly enjoyed the day and will do everything we can to use the skills you have given us.

    We still touch and pick up the bowls and cannot stop grinning at each other like Cheshire cats! We have both said separately that we never thought we would be able to produce two such beautiful objects so quickly.If and when you set up a pen making course please add our names.

  2. I am really pleased you enjoyed yesterday as I did you were both good company and easy to teach.
    I will set up a pen turning course and you will be the first on the list.