Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Lathe

The beginning of last week I ordered a new lathe from Axminster tools.I ordered the lathe and a new chuck at about three O clock in the afternoon and the lathe was delivered the next day at mid day.
How is that for good service, great service but and here is the problem the chuck comes about ten days later because apparently they are made to order.
This does not make any sense to me,what good is a lathe without a chuck and surely they could keep some on the shelf.
I am a big fan of Axminster tools but this is very disappointing and not good.


  1. Answer: Spindle turning and faceplate! ;)

    1. I have five other lathes I can use so it not a problem for me but that is not the point.

    2. I see. Congratulations with your new lathe anyway, and I hope the new chuck arrives as soon an posible :)

  2. I can understand Axminster not stocking chucks with the more obscure size treads but not stocking chucks to fit their own lathes makes no sense at all.

    I saw them being made last year, just before the public launch. On my wish list where it will probably stay for quite a while.

    Counting the days?


    Philip Green
    Treknow Woodturners

  3. Hi Phillip.
    I am still waiting for the chuck it would be all the same if I was relying on it