Thursday, 29 August 2013

Making Mirrors.

.A while ago I was given two very nice Walnut Burrs.I was not really sure what to do with them so I just kept them until I got some inspiration.
A couple of weeks ago my Brother Chris spent the weekend here and as he is a joiner I got him to help me cut them up on the bandsaw to make some mirror frames.
On the first cut we had the saw jam up and ruined the blade.
We then made a sliding jig and cut the rest up without any mishaps.
My bandsaw will cut a maximum of 12" deep and one of the burrs was much wider than that so we cut it in half first then into slices.
We then book matched the slices to create the result you can see in the following pics.

I was not sure what the best way would be to photograph the mirrors and after trying several things I hung them on my garage door and captured the reflection of a palm tree in our garden.


  1. Good work done with wood. Mirror frame are looking gorgeous. Its shape giving him a stylish look.

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  2. Thank you it is very kind of you to comment