Friday, 23 November 2012

Art classes

I have been neglecting my Blog lately mostly because nothing very exiting has been happening.
In an effort to try and improve my Woodturning I have started Art classes.My Granddaughter Ali has been nagging me for some time to go to Art classes with her.I arranged to have classes in my workshop with local Artist Judith Champion Link here Judith is a local very talented Artist.Myself Ali Sue meads and three others meet every Thursday morning for two hours of tuition.


  1. Really enjoying these sessions George. They are helping me look at things in a different way - with far more intensity. I hope Judith will carry on and introduce us to colour.
    P.S The workshop looks amazingly tidy!

  2. Hi Sue.I am sure she will .
    Hopefully when we move on from drawing and into colour it will help us with our turning.

  3. Hi George

    It is great to see you expanding your knowledge and skills with art lessons. I bet you never thought when you had your scaffolding business that you would be going off in such a diverse direction. Also a great use of your facilities, learning to draw/sketch can help your turning by the fact that you will be able to more readily produce drawings for ideas in a note book. These then can be dipped into from time to time.

    If I ever have an idea no matter how daft I think it is I make a quick sketch. You will be amazed how they then develop.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Mark.
    You are right I never dreamt that one day I would be trying to be artistic.I have always been involved in the heavy and hard work side of the building trade.I have never had any reason or time to get involved in the arts but now I have the time I am really enjoying myself.

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