Saturday, 15 June 2019

Wood and Pewter 11

Following on from my recent Wood and Pewter Sculpture I have started a second piece.
I have taken pics of the prosses I have used as follows.

This is Turned from a 16" x 2" Oak woodturning Blank.
I random carved it with a Arbortech carver they cut the slots at random on the Bandsaw.
As you can see from this pic it is shaped the same both sides because I want this to be something that can be looked at from any angle and still look good.
Here we have a close up of the textured Carved then heavily scorched and Chestnut spirit stained black
I have now cast the Pewter in the recess ready for turning down.I found a negative scraper was the best for turning the pewter down
Pewter turned down level with Oak

I have now added some texturing to the Pewter with the Crown tools texturing tool a bit hard to see in this pic.

I decided that the whole centre done with Pewter was a bit too much I am not sure but anyway I decided to create a ring so that the two areas of wood would set of the Pewter

At this stage I still had the other side to do so I thought instead of casting the ring in the piece I would make it separately and then fit it in the recess .With a separate piece I have turned a recess a little over the size I will eventually need to give me scope for trimming up

 This has to be dead level or the Pewter will not be level after the pour
 Pewter poured and much too thick.
I have created a flat on the bottom of the mould so that I can hold it safely against the belt sander

This is flat on the bed of the Belt sander it is then stood up and sanded
Ring inserted and glued into recess
The Pewter has now been tooled down to size with scraper and a texture added

That is it all completed just the base to make now.
 I have decided to make a plain Oak base as a bit of a contrast this is it cut to size and ready for sanding on the belt sander
 Being thicknessed and sanded .Makes it all a lot easier when you have the right kit for the job
This is the finnished Sculpture it can swivel on the base so that the customer can move it to suit their taste.
 The base has been oiled with Chestnut Hard Wax Oil

Friday, 14 June 2019

Two special Lady's

Yesterdays Students were Meriel and Maggie both Nurses from London and that makes them special in my eyes.
They were also special because they were great company and lots of fun.
Both Meriel and Maggie had a preference for natural wood and lots of figuring so I sorted them two beautiful Blanks of Beech that came from the Quantock hills about 5 or 6 years ago.
Both lady's turned beautiful Bowls that they should be very proud of .

Here are some pictures I took throughout the day.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Large Parcel continued

I recently had a very large parcel delivered it was a gift from a very good Mate.
If you look back two posts you will get some more info.
The parcel contained a very large Sycamore Burr quite honestly I have never seen anything like it and the weight was too much for me to lift and I am no weakling.
The problem was how to cut it to get the most out of it being so unusual I did not want to waste any.
As I mostly turn Bowls and have very little interest in anything else i was determined to get as many as possible.
My Brother Chris was coming here today because he was having some work done on his van so I thought two heads being better than one we will see what we can do .
I have now cut it up and have taken some pictures to tell the story.

 As you can see this is a very large Burr.

Thank you Andrew Williams for letting me have this wonderful Burr and my Brother Chris for helping me cut it up

We decided to cut the Burr into three slices this is going to be the first one

This saw is a monster and soon makes short work of the cutting.I sharpened the chain prior to starting and it was like a hot knife through butter

Taking the second slicing cut 24" Bar with crosscut chain.
This Saw will take up to a 36" bar so this is well within its capabilities

Bowl Blanks marked out to get the best sizes we can

I have decided to core out some Blanks from the thicker bits and I m preparing this one for coring

Managed to get three Blanks out of this one >The Graduate has plenty of power for coring so that is good I was not sure if it would have.

What a lovely bit of wood

Roughed out and looking amazing

Not easy to rough out as you can see these are well out of Balance
The results are worth the effort

Some I cored but some were not thick enough so they are just roughed out

In the end I got 16 really nice Bowl Blanks

 Not a lot of wastage.